Streamline your Hose, Metal and Pipe business

with NetSuite’s modern functionalities.

A typical day in the Hose, Metal and Pipe industry often consists of managing a huge inventory (which can be managed by an external vendor) while carefully finding the balance between product quality and the shop-floor requirement. This results in the usage of multiple business management systems as there is no specific ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that has been created to address the challenges of the hose, metal and pipe businesses.

Due to this reason, businesses soon find themselves implementing multiple business management solutions as no single system is capable to handle the functions of the entire business. Some businesses might implement QuickBooks to handle their accounting or some might be using Salesforce for capturing their sales activities and CRM. This is regarded as a hairball solution as no system is integrated, resulting in duplicate data entry, increased manual work and more.

To meet these specific pain points, ERP Buddies is excited to provide the Hose, Metal and Pipe businesses with our unique NetSuite cloud software solution.

NetSuite for Hose, Metal and Pipe companies provides a robust system for businesses to streamline their work operations from a single system. Users can manage enquiries, quotes, invoices, orders, maintenance bookings, stock availability, inventory, payroll, accounting and more entirely from the cloud with NetSuite ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

NetSuite features for Hose, Metal

and Pipe manufacturers 

NetSuite single-handedly streamlines every business process of the Hose, Metal and Pipe business. Take a look at the features below and handle your every business requirement with ease

Head Office Operations management

  • Lead creation and management
  • Dispatching and assigning
  • Real-time updates across the company
  • Streamlined invoicing, payment and accounting
  • Multi-currency / Multi-location and Multi subsidiary management 

Inventory Management

  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Replenishment
  • Cycle counting
  • Traceability
  • Warehouse Management

Manufacturing processes

  • Complex and multi configured BOM management (Bill Of Material)
  • Product Data management
  • Order management
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Procurement
  • Production Control
  • Shop Floor control
  • Quality Management 

Supply Chain Management

  • Demand Planning
  • Supply planning
  • Vendor Management
  • Multi-location inventory planning

Fieldwork – On-Site and Off-site

  • Custom job notifications
  • GPS functionality
  • Accept bookings / Reject bookings
  • Check-in and Check out
  • Upload pictures for real-time project tracking 
  • Complete project management functionality

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NetSuite functions for Hose, Metal and Pipe manufacturers

Industrial Hose, Metal and Pipe manufacturers now get their own ERP

ERP Buddies has identified all the major pain points of the Hose, Metal and Pipe manufacturers and has found out that a custom ERP solution like NetSuite is the key for streamlined business and operations. NetSuite ERP comes equipped with industry-specific modules that are integrated to provide a complete picture of the company. Modules like inventory management, demand planning, vendor managed inventory are just some of the modules that make up NetSuite for the Hose, Metal and Pipe manufacturers

Operate with NetSuite, a modern and user-friendly ERP

Small to medium-sized businesses need to efficiently manage their demand and supply of optimal products to their customers. Monitoring depleting stocks, establishing reorder points etc. is a complex process. But NetSuite can automate this entirely. NetSuite’s custom notifications can set to trigger whenever specific criteria are met such as low stock levels, SLA (Service level alerts) alerts and more.

Keep up with the changing times and stay ahead of your competition. 

Hose, Metal and piping business sectors face a tremendous set of challenges and therefore need a modern cloud ERP solution to streamline their business application. Set specific permissions that allow higher-ups and managers to make changes within labour, materials scheduling, dispatching, scheduling for subcontractors, vendor-managed inventory, routine production and more.


Benefits of NetSuite for Hose Metal and Pipe Manufacturers

  • Manage and view labour costs, freight costs, delivery charges, outside charges and surcharges all within NetSuite.
  • NetSuite streamlines the entire quote to cash cycle while also automating the order entry process
  • Track material attributes across the manufacturing process including OD, ID, wall size, length and more
  • Track and manage your entire inventory across multiple warehouses, vendors, contractors and more.
  • Manage and view labour costs, freight costs, delivery charges, outside charges and surcharges all within NetSuite at the tag or lot level
  • Provide support for actual, theoretical and average replacement cost for parts and services
  • Track varieties of pipes, length, hose availability, type of metal, sizing, raw material and more across inventory, production and sales transactions.
  • Handle customer relations and track orders right from order placement to delivery.
  • NetSuite also supports multi-company, multi-subsidiary, multi-warehouse, multi-currency and multi-lingual operations with NetSuite OneWorld.
  • Complete Accounting functionality from General Ledger /Accounts Payables /Accounts Receivables and more
  • NetSuite can also be integrated with third-party CRM software like Salesforce, Magento etc. Alternatively, you can also use NetSuite CRM for optimal customer relationship management.

 Functional Areas of NetSuite for hose, metal & pipe manufacturers

  • Inventory Management
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Production
  • Purchasing
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Sales

You can also avail a 14-day free trial or

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Checkout NetSuite Vendor Managed Inventory

Download datasheet  NetSuite for Hose, Metal and Pipe manufacturers

NetSuite’s unique Vendor Managed Inventory module allows businesses to efficiently manage consignment-based Inventory for their customers. So, even if you have a vendor that manages your bins at a customer location or if you often conduct consignment-based sales, ERP Buddies custom NetSuite solution allows you to accurately handle the quote to cash process entirely on NetSuite

Why choose ERP Buddies?

ERP Buddies is an official Oracle NetSuite Solution Provider, helping companies from various industries streamline business operations and finances while synchronizing departments through a fully customizable ERP system. Our Experts serve a wide array of industries from Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, Healthcare, Energy & Utilities, Retail, Food & Beverage & more. Our experts possess the industry experience and assist clients throughout the entire implementation process, with on-site support and consultation, along with further assistance in customizing your system to be able to meet your business needs. ERP Buddies has developed different custom solutions like SuiteSolar and the NetSuite and EMR Integration, which are designed to address specific industry challenges

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