Your college event creation experience, Reinvented

As digitization becomes more prevalent, it becomes the need of the hour for education boards & colleges to provide their students with an immersive online event planning experience.

SocioVerse is a platform for groovy experience that allow students to Create, Share, Find & Join clubs or Events that fire their passion. Our mission is to help students pursue their zeal through rich experiences to enhance their college journey.

Built for the purpose of Unity

SocioVerse enables students to express their opinion by creating groups or events that matter to them.

Equipped with customizable & interactive feature, SocioVerse is bound to become the next big thing in your campus.

So be it an animal lovers club or some movie fanatics get together, there’s going to be event for everyone on SocioVerse!

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Synchronized Events

With Socioverse calendar you can track your hosted event as they will automatically sync with your Outlook / Google Calendar

Club Review & Approval Process

Organizers can submit the Event Request Form for event approvals to Club Leaders along with a brief description of the event & its purpose

Website integration

Gain the utmost reach within your student community. Any event created automatically integrates with your website, so no activity goes unseen.

Personalized notifications

Get custom notifications to upcoming / ongoing campus events, activities, birthdays, new club joinees & more

Enhance Volunteering experience

Notifications & subscriptions to newsletters / mass emails ensure your potential volunteers know about every activity happening across.

Track & Supervise performance

Track number of participants & monitor their productivity with SocioVerse’s smart tracker. Admins can even monitor hours individually & can track total hours spend on a semester basis as well!


Send updates about events, share attachments with club members & automatically unsubscribe graduates from receiving your emails & communications

Data Security & Privacy

Protect individual privacy by using the best security practices which keep you in adherence with the Canadian Cybersecurity laws without affecting the User Experience

Instant Time & Expense Management

Our inhouse developed time tracking & expense logging application: Knack clock is integrated into SocioVerse to provide your faculty members with real-time time tracking & expense reporting abilities.

Essential Functionalities

Inaugurate Clubs

Create & sort groups based on Program Selection, Types & Categories. SocioVerse also gives Club creators & Admins special rights to govern the clubs.

Mass Emailing

Reach your club members & students with just one click. Predesigned email templates lighten your load plus, it also keeps you in-sync with your favorite Email sender.

Volunteer Participation

Volunteering now becomes easy with features like displaying Event Interests, Volunteer Performance-Tracking & so on which are available readily on Socioverse!

Events & Activities

Blast video game competitions throw your roomie a birthday party or simply host a soup tasting gathering. No matter what your interests are, Socioverse has a place for everyone!

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