NETSUITE for Ecommerce


Online merchants can deliver appealing and relevant experiences using NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce platform. With a flexible, mobile-optimized cloud eCommerce platform that’s easy to manage and upgrade, you can increase traffic to your online stores, convert more shoppers into customers, and raise online revenue. SuiteCommerce provides a single view of your customer, order, inventory, and other critical information to enable real-time visibility across your organization while making cross-channel shopping more personalized and relevant for your customers.

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    NetSuite for eCommerce

    Benefits of NetSuite'

    Ecommerce Solution

    Efficiently run business
    and its processes
    Every step of your multi-channel, multi-location business is connected from online sales, financials and support to inventory and order management.
    Effective website administration
    Build unique B2B and B2C mobile, web, and in-store experiences as per your brand within your timeline and surpass your customer expectations.
    Seamless shopping experience
    Integrate both online and in-store purchase journeys via a single customer source while making cross-channel shopping experience more personalized and relevant for your customers.
    Identify cross-sell / up – sell
    By managing orders from multiple channels like POS, web, call center, mobile, and on-site all in one place on NetSuite, you unlock various cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
    24/7 self service
    support centers
    Provide service to busy customers 24/7 at ease with NetSuite by giving them access to their account portal which has basic information like billing details, order status, payment methods and subscriptions.
    Track marketing campaigns effectiveness
    With NetSuite's marketing campaign management you can track conversion rates, website bounce rates, overall web traffic, engagement levels and your campaign's ROI (Return on Investment).

    Checkout these crucial features of NetSuite'

    Ecommerce Solution

    compete in onlne sector-05

    Compete in the online sector with the tools you need



    ecommerce on a global scale-05

    eCommerce management on global scale


    Online marketing

    Group 3986

    Financial management & analytics reporting

    generate audit

    Supply Chain mManagement

    Group 3988

    Customer Service management

    generate audit

    Inventory management



    constituent management

    Constituent management

    All-in-one community management platform

    Human Capital Management

    Online fundraising

    Online fundraising and engagement, fundraising events, peer to peer fundraising

    marketing management

    Marketing management

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