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This Solution gives the user ability to configure invoice header fields as a basis for a consolidated invoice. (e.g. generate a single invoice for the full contract). As an example, these fields can be project invoices, billing addresses, locations, due dates, or up to 3 custom fields on the invoice header.

This solution supports the feature as an option to include invoices of sub-customers in the parent customer invoice. Some customers or invoices can be removed from a consolidation process. Update due dates on original invoices as needed. The user friend interface allows users to check a preview of a summary & detail of the invoice information as well as gives the ability to schedule consolidated invoices per time frame.

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key features

Customizable invoice layouts

Interactive user interface

Auto consolidation of invoices

Tracking invoices feature

Remove specific customers

Essential Functionalities

Inaugurate Clubs

Create & sort groups based on Program Selection, Types & Categories. Socioverse also gives Club creators & Admins special rights to govern the clubs.

Mass Emailing

Reach your club members & students with just one click. Predesigned email templates lighten your load plus, it also keeps you in-sync with your favorite Email sender.

Volunteer Participation

Volunteering now becomes easy with features like displaying Event Interests, Volunteer Performance-Tracking & so on which are available readily on Socioverse!

Events & Activities

Blast video game competitions throw your roomie a birthday party or simply host a soup tasting gathering. No matter what your interests are, Socioverse has a place for everyone!

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