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Knackclock is ERP Buddies distinctive time tracking and expense management application that is available for download on web, tablets, and mobile devices. Customers can integrate this application with their business management system and can get real-time updates into project status, expenses, employee performance reports, whereabouts and more.


Socioverse is an online portal for college experiences that can be used by college associations, clubs and groups to create, share, find & join clubs. The main purpose of creating Socioverse was to provide the student communities with a platform that is created to fire their passion. Socioverse is also fully customizable and can be integrated with your management software as well.

Netsuite & EMR integration

NetSuite and EMR (Electronic Medical Records) integration is a benchmark within the NetSuite industry. This integration replicates the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) environments, designed to improve efficiency and effectiveness within the health care industry. With this integration, users can input the surgeon’s rate, factor in the needed supplies, and then develop a bill of materials for every procedure individually.
This is ERP Buddies, in-house developed solution that has been well-recognized by NetSuite as well.


India GST

The Goods and Service Tax (GST) is an important tax reform in India that aims to harmonize tax on good & services across every state. Businesses must comply with the GST reform if they want to conduct business in or with India. For companies using or planning to implement NetSuite, ERP Buddies Inc. can make your ERP system compliant with all regulations. ERP Buddies Inc’s GST compliance can come with CGST, SGST, IGST, TDS calculations & Statutory reporting.

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