ERP Buddies provides all NetSuite services under one roof.

So, whether you’re looking to implement NetSuite or looking to optimize your existing NetSuite account. ERP Buddies can get it done with ease.

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NetSuite ERP licensing

NetSuite ERP Consultation

NetSuite ERP Implementation

NetSuite ERP Data migration

NetSuite ERP Customization

NetSuite ERP Integration

NetSuite ERP Administration

Netsuite ERP Support

Netsuite ERP Project Recovery and Rescue

Netsuite ERP Training


Netsuite ERP Licensing

NetSuite ERP is licensed for use and cannot be brought outright. Visit this section to learn more about licensing NetSuite ERP solution, terms, pricing etc.

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Netsuite ERP Consultation

Get insights regarding NetSuite consultation and verify how ERP Buddies consultation services stand higher than the rest of our competitors.

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Netsuite ERP Implementation

This is the process of examining current business processes, implementing NetSuite ERP system, developing new (efficient) workflows, addressing underlying concerns, streamlining operations, data migration, training users and more. NetSuite implementation is a crucial step to make your business faster and efficient.

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data migration

Netsuite ERP Data migration

Learn more about the process of transferring your original data from the source (legacy system) to the new ERP system’s database. Get acquainted with best practices, file formats and more.

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Netsuite ERP Customization

Customizing NetSuite system refers to the modifications that are done to get the necessary functionality that is not available out of the box. Click to learn more about NetSuite ERP customizations!

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Netsuite ERP Integration

NetSuite integration is the process of integrating 3rd party software’s and applications with NetSuite to get streamlined work processes. Learn more about NetSuite integrations here.

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Netsuite ERP Administration

NetSuite administration deals with troubleshooting any NetSuite-related hardware, software or user access issues that may arise or must be dealt with.

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Netsuite ERP Support

Regular maintenance and support are needed to ensure the post ERP implementation goes smooth. Take a look here to know more about NetSuite ERP support services.

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project recovery

Netsuite ERP Project Recovery and Rescue

Sometimes NetSuite implementation projects do not go as planned and in those moments, our ERP project recovery and rescue services come into play. Click here to learn more.

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Netsuite ERP Training

Making sure employees are well-versed with the new NetSuite system is crucial for the success of the ERP implementation. Learn more about our ERP user training services here.

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