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NetSuite ERP software works as an all-in-one cloud business management solution for all the department needs in a manufacturing company across inventory management, production planning, Financial Accounting & Costing Warehouse Management, Customer/Partner Relationship Management, and E-Commerce. 

With NetSuite Manufacturing,, you can manage your entire business with a single Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, delivered on-demand over the web, no matter whether you’re a real manufacturer, contract manufacturer, or an assemble-to-order business or a distributor with manufacturing requirements. The control and visibility of key processes it provides help manufacturers compete successfully in their market. 

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    Why should NetSuite be Manufacturing Industry's ideal Business Management Platform?

    Handling your Manufacturing Operations just got better

    The integrated application enables procurement, production planning, and discrete manufacturing processes to be managed all in one platform. 


    Adaptability for Today’s Modern Manufacturers 

    NetSuite understands that every business type is unique, so they offer the flexibility and power to support and adapt to changing sets of processes over time with industry-specific functionality. 

    • Universal ERP and a Complete Solution 

    NetSuite supports your global supply chain and business processes in multiple languages and currencies regardless of where you operate.

    NetSuite' features of a

    Manufacturing Solution

    Checkout these crucial benefits of NetSuite

    Order Management
    Enhance your customers' experience by automating key processes and accessing real-time data, optimizing inventory availability, and reducing shipping costs. NetSuite Intelligent Order Management fully automates your order allocation, orchestration, and execution processes. Implement business rules and global inventory management to fulfill orders efficiently with NetSuite. In NetSuite, fulfillment processes can be automated, and duplicate entries can be dismissed, which detract from other worthwhile activities. By joining this with intelligent workflows, you'll be able to offer consistent customer satisfaction across pricing, approval routing, and discounts.
    Planning and Scheduling Activities of Manufacturing
    Automated demand and supply balance confirms that the right inventory is in the right place in real-time view. Scheduling is one of the complicated functions within manufacturing. In addition to offering a flexible and intuitive real-time scheduling engine, NetSuite also offers limited and infinite capacity scheduling options.  The intuitive drag-and-drop tools in NetSuite allow you to quickly view upcoming production through a traditional calendar view or a Gantt chart. Once everything is scheduled, view production in real-time visibility and identify potential problems.
    Supply Chain Management
    The place in which a product is manufactured or who manufactures it should not hinder your growth opportunities. NetSuite provides a global, real-time view of your inventory regardless of the location, allowing companies to manage outsourced production as if it were theirs. Multi-location planning is made easier with real-time inventory visibility, Distribution Requirement Planning (DRP) and vendor location management capabilities are also provided by NetSuite.  
    From day one, NetSuite has focused on supporting product-based businesses accommodating every need in their entire product lifecycle management. For a modern business today, it offers key features like blank purchase orders, quote requests, and purchase contracts to guarantee that you have the right raw materials and other items available at the right time, and in the right location. With the help of appropriate tools, NetSuite also improves the procurement process that enhances your budget monitoring and eases your requests with goods and services at the same time while delivering real-time visibility across operation
    Product Tracking
    Thousands of manufacturers invest significant time and effort to achieve perfect future plans with planning and scheduling applications. Documenting every stage until the finished product is achieved is just as critical as when, what, why, how, and where your products are manufactured.  NetSuite helps with realistic schedules, a key feature in garnering information from the manufacturing process. NetSuite's interactive tablet application offers real-time updates which can be deployed through any tablet's browser, and it captures every stage of the manufacturing process. It also provides an interactive work queue where you can monitor all your current and future operations through the work center. It has a user-friendly layout that can be used even while wearing gloves to suit rough manufacturing environments. 
    Business Intelligence
    Accurate business insight is difficult to come by. Apart from that, multiple disparate systems, store information, and manual data management processes are error-prone and result in delays. Data that cannot be trusted and delayed becomes a barrier to effective decision-making from the executive level to the front line. It is the native capability of NetSuite Business Intelligence to yield built-in real-time dashboards, analytics & reports for all processes within the software platform. By unlocking real-time visibility with value-added insights, business users can recognize issues, trends, and opportunities and drill down to the underlying transaction to take immediate action
    CRM and Marketing
    Modern Manufacturing companies' success is based on their ability to adapt to changing customers' requirements. NetSuite has automated as many manual processes as possible to increase efficiency and responsiveness. The NetSuite Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution combines sales force automation, marketing automation, and customer service management into one cloud solution. In addition to powerful sales performance management, partner management, and order management. NetSuite CRM software also integrates seamlessly with NetSuite ERP and eCommerce solutions. You can plan your shop floor operations better and forecast an accurate schedule if you have a complete picture of sales. 
    Financial Management
    Many organizations manage their accounting needs with NetSuite's financial management solution. Using this software, you can fasten your financial close, handle expenses efficiently, and know the business's financial status in real-time. It seamlessly integrates with all NetSuite order management, inventory, advanced sales, and CRM software functions to simplify critical business processes, including quote-to-cash, and enable employees to access sales and financial data from a single source.

    Manufacturing Solution

    Equips you with built-in support and industry-specific dashboards for manufacturing processes.

    Get real-time visibility across your entire manufacturing company's departments, from Sales to Accounting to Production to Supply Chain

    NetSuite offers a complete business solution by accommodating every type of integration and eliminating disparate point solutions and integration hassles.

    Control costing and monitor your inventory levels precisely 

    Amplify your support and service productivity with NetSuite Advanced Customer Support's comprehensive functionality.

    Run your compliance activities with the required critical controls. 

    Deliver your product in a faster time to market with decreased IT Infrastructure and maintain product quality at the same time.

    Do away with error-prone spreadsheets and accelerate your financial close process.

    Improve the efficiency of your entire order management process

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    Explore ERP Buddies’ NetSuite Implementation

    NetSuite is a single solution that can integrate and provide a 360-degree view of every operation within a manufacturing company.
    Learn how ERP Buddies helps manufacturing companies to transcend ahead in the modern era.

    Is it time to upgrade how you handle your entire business in manufacturing? You no longer need to manage products manually or waste time collecting information – with NetSuite; you have all the information you need.  

    Following your tour of all NetSuite ERP software manufacturing modules, it’s time to learn how to implement NetSuite for your business. 

    Why choose erp buddies for your Manufacturing erp implementation?

    ERP Buddies is a North American Official Oracle NetSuite Solution Provider with diverse experience in NetSuite ERP implementation and Supporting NetSuite ERP for many industries.    

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