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SuiteSpaces is a self-storage management software that is used to manage the day-to-day operations of a storage facility, for the purpose of a unified view of the entire business.

ERP Buddies SuiteSpaces solution is a powerful software platform that is custom-built entirely on NetSuite ERP to target the issues of the self-storage facilities and online rentals facilities. This solution ensures businesses are equipped with modern functionality that streamlines every department within a storage facility. As this self-storage software is built natively within NetSuite, users can access it via smartphones, tablets Windows, Apple MacBooks, etc. SuiteSpaces cloud-based self-storage solution is also backed by our elite support team who stay by your side to answer questions at every step of the way. This amazing set of features makes SuiteSpaces an all-in-one cloud-based self-storage solution.

It is also important to note that ERP Buddies is the ONLY NetSuite Solution Provider with a custom-built NetSuite solution for the Self-Storage industry.

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    What is NetSuite OneWorld?

    NetSuite OneWorld is a specialized module for enterprises that need to manage global operations across multiple locations and subsidiaries. NetSuite OneWorld provides real-time data at the local, regional, and headquarter level to ensure higher-ups have access to important data every time. NetSuite OneWorld is also best suited for single facility owners & multi-store operators that are currently experiencing rapid growth and wish to establish operations in new territories/regions and locations.

    Convenient Storage Facility-wide Search Bar

    Eliminate the need to browse through paperwork and multiple systems as SuiteSpaces keeps all the data interconnected with each other. Users can navigate through loads of user data in a matter of seconds with the search bar that can track tenants, leads, and storage units with just their first and last name.

    Hover Cards for Customer Management, and Financial Reporting

    SuiteSpaces self-storage industry ERP cloud-based software makes it easy for business owners to manage the operations of a Storage facility with its intuitive functionality. Users can hover over the customer profile to get a quick look at their balance, user status, occupants, transaction history, and more. Employees can always click on the customer profile to get a detailed historical reporting of the customer.

    Create a Complete Colour-coded Interactive Facility Map

    SuiteSpaces self-storage industry ERP software comes equipped with a unique drag and drop builder that will help to develop an interactive property map for better management of the storage facility. Users can create a complete colour-coded interactive facility map of the storage facility to get an overview of which units are vacant/rented. For example, a green-coloured unit can symbolize that it’s currently empty, whereas an orange unit can mean it’s already in use. Customizations can be made within this storage industry ERP software to fit your every unique need.

    Self-storage industry ERP Software for Landlords, Property Buyers, and Real Estate Management

    Real-estate investors and property management companies have always been in awe of the self-storage industry as it has larger income potential with low overhead costs and construction costs when compared to other traditional commercial real estate sectors. (CRE). With SuiteSpaces, an all-in-one platform you get an all-in-one cloud-based property management solution which is not only an affordable property management software but is also equipped with features like:
    • Change management
    • Plot management
    • Time and material tracking
    • Daily field reporting and more
    • Project management with SuiteProjects for job costing, resource allocation, etc.

    Integrated Priority List Management

    Users can create and set up priority lists for easy work management in SuiteSpaces self-storage industry ERP software. Custom notifications can be set up to be triggered whenever a specific action is taken. For example, the Sales team will be notified whenever a storage facility becomes available for renting out again.

    User Roles & Permissions

    Define and set up custom rules/roles for your users. Choose the action they can perform, give limited access, and secure your facility by giving the right amount of access to your departments and teams.

    Dedicated ERP Buddies Support Team for your self-storage industry ERP software

    Benefit from our 24/7 case resolution. Our dedicated support teams stay available for you to ensure your storage facility always operates at full speed.

    Industry Experts

    ERP Buddies experts have years of experience in developing accurate solutions for every industry vertical. The SuiteSpaces self-storage solution has been created by keeping the issues of the Storage industry in mind. Additional functionalities can be added/modified as this solution is fully customizable and scalable at any point in time.

    Some additional capabilities of customizations may include – Adding custom roles, permissions, creating new workflows, etc.

    Successful Businessman Working

    Key features - SuiteSpaces Self-Storage industry

    with an ERP Software

    Tablet, Mobile, Desktop
    and Laptop Compatibility
    SuiteSpaces Self-Storage industry ERP is a comprehensive solution that is fully compatible with your handheld devices like tablets, smartphones, etc. as NetSuite has its own mobile app (Android/Apple) and an online application for desktops, computers, and even laptops (Apple/Windows). Employees can work from anywhere, anytime as SuiteSpaces is a fully cloud-based self-storage businesses management system.
    Online Tenant Access for
    Optimal Customer Service
    Give your tenants complete access to make rent payments via credit card processing, view documents, check storage space, insurance status, and more. Customers can also rent additional units online, provide electronic signature confirmations and skip the in-store processes that not only save time but also keep your storage business future-ready. However, if improving customer in-store experience is a priority, storage facilities can use SuiteSpaces on smart tablets where customers can log in when they’re present on-site.
    Cross-platform and
    Software Integration
    Integrate other software with SuiteSpaces self-storage industry ERP as you please. Our custom-built SuiteSpaces, NetSuite solution is a cloud-based software that is fully integrable with your 3rd party software, applications, websites, etc. You can also integrate your company-wide accounting, CRM activities, and other important work functions as well. These integrations keep your operational tasks and data in sync and provide a streamlined experience across the entire storage facility.
    Multi-storage Facility
    Business Access
    SuiteSpaces Self-Storage industry ERP eliminates the need to maintain multiple business management solutions across your unique locations, as SuiteSpaces can provide multi-facility access from a single solution. Businesses that operate their self-storage operations in multiple locations, languages, and currencies can implement NetSuite OneWorld to make this multi-facility management easy and convenient. Users can also set up unique rules and roles to make this convenient and easy furthermore.
    Streamlined and
    Easy User Interface
    Streamlined work processes save time as every user operates on the same database. Documents can be exchanged and shared between departments/users which ensures everyone in the board room walks in with the same data. As SuiteSpaces self-storage industry ERP operates on a single data source, businesses can eliminate external software and save time and money on managing those!
    ERP Buddies Elite
    24/7 Support
    SuiteSpaces cloud-based self-storage software consists of an easy-to-use user interface that can be mastered by anyone within the storage industry. ERP Buddies dedicated support teams ensure your team has optimal product knowledge and provide a 24/7 case resolution guarantee.
    100% Cloud-Based Business
    Management Software
    SuiteSuccess operates entirely on the cloud which makes it easy for users to access their company files securely. Due to this, businesses can save money as they do not have to maintain costly on-premises software’s that demand maintenance every now and then. These files/documents can be accessed by specific users via their cellphone, tablet, desktop, and even laptops.
    Benefit from
    Real-time Reporting
    Generate real-time reports for your single or multiple storage facilities across multiple locations and countries. Users can generate detailed reports spanning total sales, rented units, number of tenants, profitability, and more. Often this information can be used to set up new unit pricing, profit comparison, etc.
    Integrated Lead Management via
    Phone Calls and Inquiries
    Phone calls get recorded in SuiteSpaces cloud-based self-storage software solution so that Managers can quickly access/edit lead information. Whenever an inbound call comes to your self-storage facility, a pop-up will allow the users to add/edit information. Users can also add specific notes to help secure the lead. Not only does this help with optimal lead management, but it also concretes the CRM efforts of the company.
    Self-Serve Customer
    Login Portal
    SuiteSpaces software program comes equipped with a robust online customer self-serve portal that helps customers to manage their profiles online. So, save time and let your customers pay for their invoices online. SuiteSpaces customer user interface is modern and can be created to match your brand identity with ease.

    Major Functions

    ERP Buddies understands that every storage facility manager has to juggle a lot of roles to provide a leading customer service experience. Some major work functions of a facility manager often involve renting available units, lead management, assisting current tenants, complaint resolution, and more.

    In this section, we will showcase how a storage facility manager can use SuiteSpaces’ productivity-boosting features and its key features to effortlessly manage the day-to-day operations of this business.

    Start of the day

    Once the facility manager logs into its NetSuite SuiteSpaces system, they can have an overview of all the things that will be needed to plan the day. SuiteSpaces comes equipped with an intuitive custom dashboard that displays information in real-time. Information like the total number of leads, tenants, rented units, etc. can be looked at this centralized dashboard to help plan the day of your modern self-storage facility.

    Prioritize facility tasks

    Storage companies' facility managers can create scheduled maintenance lists, set up storage unit clean-ups and can also create a task list to follow up on potential customers in SuiteSpaces self-storage industry ERP. Notifications will be triggered and sent to the facility manager on their centralized dashboard whenever a particular task does not get completed within the time frame to keep the manager updated on every activity.

    Glance upon storage unit information on facility maps

    The facility manager now starts their morning rounds around the storage facility to inspect the property for any possible issue. While checking the storage facility, SuiteSpaces can showcase information like the total size of the storage facility, price of a unit, tenant name, date of agreement, and more on its central dashboard. These facility maps are fully integrable with SuiteSpaces.

    Search customers at a glance

    With a SuiteSpaces implementation, the facility manager can quickly speed the search for the customer details by inputting their first and last name in the search bar. This allows the facility manager to glance over storage customer information in a matter of minutes.

    Integrate phone calls with lead management

    The SuiteSpaces solution will save every voicemail into the cloud database to allow the Facility managers and store owners to track lead information, return missed calls, negotiate terms, and more. This helps the facility manager to understand the potential clients’ requirements before things are set in motion.

    Get customer payments

    Payments from tenants and customers can be processed securely with SuiteSpaces. Customers can make rental payments online, via email, or through a customer portal as well. SuiteSpaces can also process credit card payments, making it convenient furthermore. Facility managers can also quickly speed search for invoices, remaining balance, rental payment, etc. SuiteSpaces is also a business accounting software with additional accounting features such as order to cash, creating audit trail visibility, procure to pay, tax management, payment processing, fixed asset management, financial reporting, and more.

    Vacate or rent the storage unit with ease

    By clicking the “Move-out” button on the customer profile, the facility manager can get ready to vacate, inspect, get final payments from the tenant, and clean the rented unit to keep it ready for the next potential tenant. Once the customer confirms that the unit is vacated and emptied, the facility manager can then convert the empty unit to available space for the new customer in the business system i.e SuiteSpaces.

    Lead management with SuiteSpaces

    Every lead that comes into the storage facility gets recorded for optimal lead management. The facility manager can input new lead information into SuiteSpaces to create the desired customer profile with information like – desired move-in date, the preferred size of the storage unit, duration, lead type, email address, custom requirements, and more. This helps the manager to identify up-sell/cross-sell opportunities along with providing the best unit at the best price to maintain higher customer acquisition percentages. SuiteSpaces also comes equipped with a customer relationship management (CRM) module that can be implemented to improve and strengthen customer relations.

    SuiteSpaces Revenue Management

    Facility Managers can improve business profitability by conveying unit pricing changes conveniently. Managers can overlook current tenant status and can also get a complete overview of unpaid invoices, balances, paid units, etc. This gives the manager complete control over their profits and monthly revenues. NetSuite Revenue Management Cloud Service: Includes all NetSuite Revenue Recognition functionally except, Revenue Allocations and associated features (the allocation of contract value across multiple Items using Fair Value Price List).

    Report generation – daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly

    As the facility manager approaches the end of the day, they can create quick reports in seconds that showcase daily activities, income, rented units, and more. With SuiteSpaces, facility managers can create custom editable reports that can help to identify bottlenecks within the facility.

    Work anywhere, anytime

    SuiteSpaces is a cloud-based self-storage management solution that enables managers and their teams to work remotely if they want. SuiteSpaces operates on a unified database that keeps everyone in the facility on the same page. Managers can log into their SuiteSpaces account anytime to glance over tasks, deliverables, etc.

    NetSuite SuiteSpaces Advanced Electronic Bank Payments capabilities include:

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