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Application Performance Engineer (NetSuite)

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· Analyzing existing codebases to identify performance bottlenecks, inefficient algorithms, and areas that can be optimized.

· Using various tools and techniques to profile code and identify areas consuming excessive resources (CPU, memory, etc.).

· Developing and implementing optimization strategies and techniques to improve code performance without compromising functionality.

· Working closely with development teams to understand application requirements and constraints while suggesting and implementing optimizations.


· Extensive hands-on experience with SuiteScript development within the NetSuite platform.

· Proficiency in SuiteScript 1.0 and 2.0 is typically required.

· Demonstrated experience in customizing NetSuite using SuiteScript for various functionalities such as scripting customer records, creating custom workflows, handling user events, and creating Suitelets or RESTlets.

· Experience in conducting performance tests within the NetSuite environment to measure and analyze the impact of optimizations on system performance.

· Demonstrated commitment to staying updated with NetSuite platform updates, SuiteScript enhancements, and industry best practices for optimization.