Follow your customers entire journey with NetSuite’s Customer Relationship Management system.

Get a better understanding of your customers to make sure you’re marketing your product the perfect way. By interacting with your customers, you will get an idea about products and promotions that seem to work, ultimately helping you craft a better marketing plan. From catching a qualified lead to identifying upsell/cross-sell opportunities, NetSuite CRM offers varied functionalities to meet your unique business need. NetSuite CRM also offers its users to predict sales forecasting, order management and commissions to ensure ease of access.

NetSuite CRM is an award-winning software which will unify your departments while providing the best customer service in all ways.

If your business is looking to streamline multiple departments or hoping to gain visibility into the customer journey and sales, NetSuite CRM will be the all-around solution for it.

Features of NetSuite CRM software

Email marketing
Segmentation of audience
Lead generation
Online forms
Quote to Order fulfillment automation
Inventory management & order tracking
Billing & invoicing of tools
Handle eCommerce
History of vendor records

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The Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) market has been transformed by the boom in growth for Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud-based platforms. Previously, companies have had no choice but to use on-premises implementations for years.

Many of NetSuite’s competitors like SAP Business One, were originally intended to be an on-premise ERP system. However, over the years SAP has moved to cloud ERP. On the other hand, NetSuite cloud ERP was originally designed to stay on the cloud from the beginning. As NetSuite operates on a single platform entirely, it becomes much easier to streamline and manage all departments entirely from NetSuite which isn’t possible with many other competitors of NetSuite ERP.

Because of hardware prices, servicing, and the need for hardware updates every 5 years or so, on-premises ERP systems are exponentially getting more costly than cloud-based ERP systems. There is also a variety of cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications designed especially for small to medium enterprises and their team on the market. NetSuite is the most popular ERP software, with over 40,000 business entities using it.

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NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP system that streamlines all business processes of a company for seamless data transfer and visibility across entire organization. NetSuite operates on a single source system on a pay-per-use basis which makes it ideal for every company size including – small, midsize businesses and enterprises alike (including fast growing businesses). NetSuite integrates all business operations like Finances, Accounting, inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, Order Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), eCommerce management, Billing and more, giving you access to every information.

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NetSuite mainly comprises of 7 modules that will be integrated with one another. Due to this approach, users can implement the necessary modules without having to purchase other modules which won’t be needed by the business. The business can always add additional modules at a later stage when needed. This allows the company to keep their costs in check while still getting a solution that keeps the company future ready.



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ERP Buddies is a North American NetSuite Cloud ERP Solution Provider (Software Vendor) with diverse experience in implementing ERP systems for multiple companies across wide industry verticals with a true cloud solution.

With offices in the U.S, Canada (North America), Philippines, India (Asia) and UK, Spain (Europe), our experts are accessible globally and make it their priority to create a smooth and positive experience for clients. Our experts assist clients throughout the entire implementation process, with on-site support and consultation, along with additional assistance in customizing your system functionality to guarantee it meets your business needs.

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