NetSuite CRM

Follow your customers entire journey with NetSuite’s Customer Relationship Management system.

Get a better understanding of your customers to make sure you’re marketing your product the perfect way. By interacting with your customers, you will get an idea about products and promotions that seem to work, ultimately helping you craft a better marketing plan. From catching a qualified lead to identifying upsell/cross-sell opportunities, NetSuite CRM offers varied functionalities to meet your unique business need. NetSuite CRM also offers its users to predict sales forecasting, order management and commissions to ensure ease of access.

NetSuite CRM is an award-winning software which will unify your departments while providing the best customer service in all ways.

If your business is looking to streamline multiple departments or hoping to gain visibility into the customer journey and sales, NetSuite CRM will be the all-around solution for it.

NetSuite CRM

Checkout our highlights of NetSuite CRM

    • Email marketing
    • Segmentation of audience
    • Lead generation
    • Online forms
    • Quote to Order fulfillment automation
    • Inventory management & order tracking
    • Billing & invoicing of tools
    • Handle eCommerce
    • Accounting
    • History of vendor records

Business Challenges

    • Difficulty in tracking marketing ROI
    • Lack of proper customer targeting
    • Increase in confusion due to multiple sources of data
    • Marketing campaigns are often catered to wrong audiences

NetSuite Solutions:

    • A unified system capable of tracking marketing campaigns to give true ROI information
    • Single source of information eliminates confusion and opens new business opportunities

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