How a Recycling Operations Company Implemented NetSuite Customizations

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The recycling industry estimates that about 45% of the world’s production of product is created from recycled scrap. Industrial recycling actually makes up the largest sector of the recycling industry. Industrial products have the ability to retain their properties through the recycling process, therefore end-of-life products can be reintroduced as raw material and then utilized as new goods. The value of these products also does not depreciate, making this type of recycling very sustainable. Due to its reusable nature, many natural resources are maximized which also reduces the amount of waste in landfills.

About the Client

Our client who operates in the industrial recycling business is based in Canada and services all through North America as well as globally. This business provides recycling solutions for almost every type of industrial project and also gives its customers access to direct markets in order to maximize the value of their scraps and waste materials. Our client’s services include evaluation of material and pick up. Their warehouse allows the processing of recycled goods at the highest standards.

With worldwide operations and specializing in industrial recycling, our client has taken on challenges through innovative recovery techniques which commit to their goal of excellence in customer service. Some of these challenges appeared when more services and various types of recycled products came in demand. The need for a system that could be further customized to cater to new processes appeared.



As mentioned, the recycling of different types of materials rose, and along with more variety came bigger product lines and processes. This introduced new needs for the company, such as coordinating more products and overseeing the management of new procedures, commissions, and automation. The transition to less manual processes was needed in order to have an efficient system with accurate data. The need for a more customized solution was necessary, as this has the potential to take the business to the next level. A customized solution also allows the business to meet each of their specified needs that would be unique from other businesses.

ERP Buddies Solution

The Solution and Process

Now, how did ERP Buddies approach this project? The client of course was in dire need of more customization for their business processes. Efficiency would be taken to the next level.

The process of implementation included:

The creation of a custom deal record which works as building blocks which then allow for the creation of custom fields, lists, and event specific links with other NetSuite records and transactions. These custom records are easy to format and configure. Create the ability to encapsulate and link purchase orders and sales order which can then be utilized and sourced in data to calculate commissions. These manual processes were automated and customized through the NetSuite platform and the company. Now this addition can save time on business activities such as tracking commissions. Finally, the creation of a fully customizable NetSuite model encompasses the business’s needs and goals, in which their requirements are completely met.

When our client approached us with a NetSuite Customization project, we became excited at all the possibilities and ways that we could tailor the system. The ways we can customize processes to meet their specific needs is just one of our specialties! This customization project includes the requirement of having a system that has processes that have the capacity to check if the purchased product is being sold. This would increase efficiency in tracking commissions, specifically the oversight of sales product sales and total commissions. An overall business process automation overhaul was needed for the tracking of new processes and improvements with visibility.

The Benefits

Our client’s successful NetSuite customization project ensures that their business is operating in a healthy and efficient state. They can now utilize the customizations and automation implemented to decrease manual processes and have the ability to focus on other pressing tasks. Now with the manual process of tracking commission automated via NetSuite, the company saves on average 4 days each month all due to process automation. These types of automation track purchase dates and sold dates of inventory and products.

Working with ERP Buddies

Our client was impressed during our discovery call where we introduced them to the world of ERP Buddies and our methodologies. With our experiences in various industries, our client knew that we could help to guide their NetSuite customization project and allow them to meet their goals. The ERP Buddies team is composed of business and technical experts. Our core focus is to provide tools & strategies to allow clients to meet their business goals and requirements. ERP Buddies services include a deep dive discovery call, consulting advice based on required modules and price as per budget, and an overall robust consultative approach!