NetSuite 2024.1: Unveiling the Latest Features and Enhancements

NetSuite 2024.1 brings new features and enhancements to boost business efficiency and user experience. Whether you’re an accounting pro, a manufacturing whiz, or a sales champion, there’s something in this update for you. Let’s dive into the fundamental changes module by module:  

NetSuite 2024.1  

What’s new?  

Accounting Module:  

The accounting module has a new feature called Revenue Recognition Field Mapping Enhancements. This feature introduces a dedicated Revenue Recognition Field Mapping page for users to easily view, open, and edit all field maps with detailed information.  

Optional fields like Transaction Type, Custom Form, Start Date, and End Date enable users to specify transaction types, choose mapping forms, and set date ranges for valid mappings. Source Field Values now depend on Source Record Type, Transaction Type, and Custom Form combination.  

The Auto Update feature automatically updates target fields with changes in source fields, offering flexibility in mapping diverse data types. Users can import/export field maps using CSV files, and the update includes the ability to search for deleted budgets through the Deleted Record root record type in SuiteAnalytics.  


Authentication Module:  

The first feature discontinues SMS/Voice Call 2FA support on March 1, 2024. Users relying on these methods must reset their 2FA settings and switch to an authenticator app.   

The second feature highlights the end of support for Outbound Single Sign-on (SuiteSignOn) in NetSuite 2024.2, with the extension to production accounts. Users are encouraged to prepare for this change by utilizing NetSuite as an OIDC Provider alternative, with detailed information provided in the “NetSuite as OIDC Provider” help topic.  


Banking Module:   

Brazil Localization Enhancements include improvements in various functionalities. On the CNAB File Generation page, using the CNAB 400 file standard, users now have three options: generating, writing off, and updating bank slips. This expands the previous capability.  

A new feature allows applying discounts in invoice payments via the Electronic Bill of Lading. Users can select transactions, set discount amounts, and input details from tax, utility, and expense bills into NetSuite. Additionally, bar codes from these bills can be included in CNAB delivery files.  


CSV Import Module:  

Revenue Recognition Field Mapping Enhancements now allow mapping custom and standard fields from source records to revenue arrangement transaction columns.   


Employee Management Module:  

New feature enhances ACA Reporting SuiteApp with helpful videos covering setup, ACA Pre-Filing, and ACA Filing for visual user guidance.  


Inventory Management Module:  

  1. Supply Planning Workbench in Inventory Management now includes Previous and Next item buttons for date-based views. 
  2. Quality Management SuiteApp in NetSuite 2024.1 preserves comprehensive quality results for each lot and serial number at the specification level. 
  3. Enhanced Receipt Quarantine Workflow is initiated from the specification level quality status for each lot and serial number. 
  4. Inspections without quantity reference are now possible, allowing evaluations of attributes before production or packing. 
  5. Simplified compliance roles in Quality Management, removing the bulk manager role and enabling Quality Management view permissions for SuiteScript. 
  6. Quality Management 2024.1 prevents the generation of inspection queues for work order completion transactions created with zero quantity. 
  7. Certificate of Analysis (COA) enhancements include a new Item filter for COA report generation options and direct access to COA documents from the Item Fulfillment transaction. 


Manufacturing Module:  

  1. CSV import for work orders and display name addition to transaction line tables. 
  2. Costed Bill of Materials (Simulate Report) introduces a new Simulate button for modifying the costs of individual items. 
  3. Manufacturing Mobile Enhancements include automatic backflushing, improved error handling, UPC code scanning, recording start and end times for work order operations, updated mobile messages, and support for viewing work instructions on mobile devices. 
  4. Work Instructions and Traveler SuiteApp adds the Work Instructions subtab, enhances the Traveler Report with more information and improves the Filter By section for a better user experience in manufacturing processes. 


Netsuite Connector Module:  

  1. New Simphony POS connector introduced, availability status not provided. 
  2. Amazon Shipping Labels synchronization feature mentioned, availability not specified. 
  3. Walmart Connector was updated with support for GTIN in Inventory Sync for DSV; availability is not confirmed. 
  4. Support for Shopify Duties in Order Item Mappings mentioned; availability pending. 


Order Management Module:  

  1. Uplift Pricing for SuiteBilling was introduced, allowing uplifts at any point in a subscription or renewal. 
  2. Additional Discount Amount Field on the charge record displays discount in currency rather than percentage. 
  3. Quantity on Delta Charges is enhanced, generating a Delta charge based on changes in invoiced service periods and customers’ owed amount, depending on invoicing preference. 
  4. Commit Plus Overage is compatible with Create Revenue Element for Subscription Revision preference and prospective merge. 
  5. Fulfilment Cycle Time Shipping Report provides insights into average order fulfilment time for the past 12 months, suggesting operational improvements based on processing times, locations, and subsidiaries. 


Suiteanalytics Module:  

Suite Analytics module enhancements include the ability to create and remove calculated measures directly from the pivot grid, offering more flexibility. Additionally, streamlined Single Sign-On (SSO) access to NetSuite Analytics Warehouse enhances overall user experience and accessibility.  


Suiteapp Distribution Module:  

(encompasses SuiteBundler, SuiteApp Marketplace, and SuiteApp Control Center capabilities for customization distribution within accounts)  

During the phased release of NetSuite 2024.1, accounts may operate on different versions simultaneously (e.g., 2023.2 and 2024.1). Bundles developed with 2023.2 are compatible with 2024.1 accounts.   

However, installing 2024.1 bundles in 2023.2 accounts may halt if unsupported object types exist. Scripts using new APIs exclusive to 2024.1 may be installed in 2023.2 accounts but may not function correctly due to the lack of API support in the earlier version. This guidance helps manage bundle compatibility during the phased release of NetSuite 2024.1.  


Suitebuilder Module:  

Update: Record Customization (Beta) support is discontinued, and associated help topics are removed from the NetSuite Help Center. Users can no longer access or utilize Record Customization features in SuiteBuilder. Explore alternative customization options in the latest NetSuite release.  


Suitecloud Development Framework(SDF):  

Circular dependencies in SuiteCloud projects or SDF SuiteApps will now only generate warnings in deployment or installation logs when they lead to errors causing deployment or installation failure.  


Suitecloud SDK:  

In NetSuite 2024.1, SuiteCloud IDE plug-ins and command-line interfaces are available for SuiteCloud development. Certain features like SuiteCloud Extension for Visual Studio Code and others have yet to be released in 2024.1. Users are advised to stay informed about updates or check NetSuite documentation for the latest information on these SuiteCloud SDK features.  


Suitetalk Web Service Integration Module:  

In NetSuite 2024.1, the REST Record Service (Beta) feature is removed, making REST web services generally available for production environments. All commonly available records in the REST API Browser and REST Web Services Supported Records are covered, but those not present in the REST API browser are no longer accessible. SOAP Web Services Version 2024.1 has yet to be made available, and upon release, Version 2017.1 will be retired. These changes impact available web service features and versions in the SuiteTalk module.  


Taxation Module:  

SuiteTax is now generally available via Setup > Company > Enable Features > Tax in this version. Enabling it is irreversible, emphasizing the need for Sandbox testing first. The update includes Brazil Reports enhancements, France Localization FEC Report improvements, a new Spain Localization SuiteApp, Portugal Localization enhancements, and general improvements in Spain Localization. The SuiteTax Latam Engine is also enhanced.  

On the legacy tax side, Germany GoBD in Tax Audit Files is no longer supported. This update signifies a comprehensive improvement in taxation functionality, addressing regional requirements and introducing a generally available version of SuiteTax.  

User Interface Module:  

  1. The Text Enhancement feature improves the interface’s display or rendering of text elements. 
  2. Favorites Feature in Dropdown Lists lets users mark and access frequently used items more efficiently. 
  3. Page Search Enhancements likely improve search functionality within pages for a streamlined user experience. 
  4. Improved Color Contrast focuses on adjusting visual elements for better visibility and accessibility. 


The Vendors, Purchasing, and Receiving Module:  

Bill Capture in NetSuite 2024.1 is enhanced with:  

  1. New filters on the Scanned Vendor Bills page for Vendor, Upload Source, and Email Source fields. 
  2. Additional header-level fields on the Review Bill page, reducing the need for post-creation edits. 
  3. For better organisation, Line-level additions like Custom Segments, Customer, Project Task, and Billable checkbox. 
  4. Updated Bill Capture Preferences Page with subtabs for improved categorization. 
  5. Enhanced user experience with new icons indicating potential POs and details on Ordered, Received, and Billed Quantities in the Purchase Order popup. 


Commerce Website Setup Module:  

In the new update, domain owner verification changes to DNS-based challenges with the ACME protocol for new domains. Existing domains still use HTTP challenges without DNS adjustments. UI updates include removing the “Switch to Automatic Certificate When Manual Certificate Expires” checkbox and dividing the Domain area into Domain (with Domain Name, Website, and Hosting Root fields) and DNS (providing info on hosting and DNS challenge CNAME records).  


Suitecommerce Instore Module:  

There is a phased release consisting of different customers in each phase. It provides enhancements and fixes for processing that occurs in the background.   


Technical Specfications: 

  1. REST Record Service (Beta) removed, making REST web services generally available for production use. 
  2. Text Enhance, powered by generative AI, assists in creating and refining business content in NetSuite. 
  3. Favorites Feature introduced in dropdown lists, allowing users to select up to five favorite items in various fields on sales orders. 
  4. Page Search Enhancements enable users to collapse and expand both Global Search Results and Current Page Results sections. 
  5. SuiteCommerce module transitions to DNS challenges using the ACME protocol for new domains, with existing domains continuing to use HTTP challenges. 
  6. UI updates in Domain Settings, including the removal of certain checkboxes and the division of the Domain area into two sections: Domain and DNS. 
  7. These advancements, feature enhancements, and changes collectively aim to streamline processes and improve user experiences in various modules within NetSuite 2024.1. 


NetSuite 2024.1 is a treasure trove of enhancements designed to improve your business. While the update brings exciting possibilities, navigating all the changes can feel overwhelming.  

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  • Develop a personalized implementation plan: Craft a roadmap to incorporate the changes that matter most to your business.  
  • Optimize your workflows: Leverage the new features to boost efficiency and achieve your goals.  


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