NetSuite Tools for Construction Management

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The construction industry like any other business has many tasks to complete in its operations. From human resources, time tracking to bid management and cost control, all of these tasks must be looked after to have a successful seamless construction business. Office duties are just as equally important as on-site duties, communication within these departments must always be top of mind.

A construction management tool (CMT) such as NetSuite, is a powerful tool that can be used to optimize the way you manage your operations. This includes human capital, project management, materials, resources, and more! A fully integrated solution should be a high priority for construction management operations due to elaborate construction projects that frequent. NetSuite can assist the project workflows by improving efficiency and automating various tasks. There are 5 features where NetSuite can assist with the needs of construction management:


NetSuite Provides a Holistic View of your Projects

With NetSuite’s cloud-based software tools, construction managers can streamline projects by providing information across all operations, including customer relationship management, payroll, marketing, finance, and much more. NetSuite ERP can create seamless operations across all channels, with this holistic view of construction operations it is guaranteed that productivity will increase. With a 360-degree view, supervisors can get insights into projects and track all workflow activities making NetSuite the ideal project management software on the market.


NetSuite software solution has the capability to integrate with other programs such as Salesforce. With integrations available managers do not have to fear losing information to past software but rather, they can integrate and sync information to create one holistic ecosystem for all of the company’s operations. Previous project plans and business processes can be used with NetSuite’s integration capabilities to incorporate other data and make use of previous resources, resulting in seamless resource allocation for a successful project.

Efficient Inventory Management

Enterprise resource planning systems also aid inventory management. They allow better support with real-time visibility such as inventory tracking, planning, even forecasting, and seasonal fluctuations. NetSuite can then issue alerts such as for restocking to assist inventory maintenance. Automations such as this increases time efficiency by removing guesses of inventory fulfillment. Staying within project budgets and not accruing additional costs due to overstock is crucial in cost management. With daily reports and real-time insights, budget management is painless.

Collaboration Among Teams

Collaboration across departments requires having an easy transfer of data and files. Holistic information integration contributes to filling any gaps in communication that could appear when there isn’t a cohesive system in place. To be specific collaboration within teams allows for document control, documents can be seamlessly shared and updated. Even communicating schedules, project status, reports are available with a role-specific dashboard. What this means for a construction company is that office teams and engineers can easily communicate with field teams in real-time, leading to making crucial informed decisions for construction projects. Implementing NetSuite can provide a singular construction project management solution that can facilitate both internal and external company communication. Business intelligence measures result in a project team having the capacity to make the best decisions that will meet a business plan and objectives.
A construction management software such as NetSuite provides the needed tools for your entire team to remain within business functions and lead projects to successful completion. Having a construction ERP software where you have a centralized repository even allows the entire field team to have real-time data and project tracking. Project management tools are not only for the capital projects but can provide support to office teams and assist in delivering and completing projects on time.