NetSuite SuiteCommerce for growing On-Demand B2B eCommerce businesses

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2020 has been a year of unpredictable events and unsustainability, which has forced a lot of B2B companies to look into advanced ways like SuiteCommerce to redefine their online eCommerce experience.

With the rise of the pandemic, B2B & B2C businesses suffered a great loss, and today many are focused on remaining isolated, resorting to eCommerce shopping, and avoiding crowded places. To turn this time into an opportunity, NetSuite SuiteCommerce provides the tools to do so.

Why NetSuite SuiteCommerce for B2B Ecommerce?

NetSuite has a robust eCommerce module called SuiteCommerce. It’s a 360-degree solution for B2B businesses who are ready to change and remain innovative. From Webstore – Order Management – Inventory Management to Accounting, SuiteCommerce offers functionalities that make your B2B business versatile. NetSuite essentially unifies your back-end operations with the front end to provide a complete picture of the eCommerce, helping you make data-driven decisions at every step.

SuiteCommerce is fast, reliable, and customizable for B2B e-Commerce

Even if you’re just starting, SuiteCommerce offers a quick way to get into the online market. Thanks to NetSuite’s unique customizations, you can create an eCommerce experience as per your business requirements in a rapid manner.

NetSuite’s customizations can allow B2B eCommerce websites to enable customers to Request For Quote, to expedite the buying process 24/7. Upon approval, that quote will be automatically converted into an online work order. As you can integrate your real-time inventory count with your eCommerce store, customers can place orders while having access to view real-time inventory count. Not just that, SuiteCommerce can also easily integrate with other important operations such as accounting, SCM & more.


NetSuite Is the #1 choice for B2B eCommerce

Creating an online eCommerce experience can be challenging, but one of the major advantages of using SuiteCommerce is that you can now provide a rich eCommerce experience by integrating your buyer and supplier functions. As NetSuite streamlines businesses and operates on a unified data source, you can now include functions such as bulk ordering, approvals, fulfilment, invoicing, shipping, billing & more.

With NetSuite, every function happens under the same roof. So, say goodbye to multiple data systems and say hello to improved productivity and reduced IT costs.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce helps the B2B eCommerce customer

With SuiteCommerce, your customer can manage their online payments with ease. SuiteCommerce can provide your customers with data such as a summary of outstanding bills, invoices, account payments, due dates, available balances, required deposits, and more. If a customer needs Financing options, SuiteCommerce can provide an option to make partial or full payment as needed and create customized invoices as needed.

Self Service option with SuiteCommerce

Providing flexible ways for your customers is the need of the hour for your B2B eCommerce store. With SuiteCommerce your customers can simply log in to their self-service portals and get the work done. Be it initiating returns, tracking shipments, or checking order status, everything is done right by the customer with little to no effort from your side.

So why wait? Streamline your B2B eCommerce with NetSuite SuiteCommerce.