The Power of NetSuite Training: A Comprehensive Guide with ERP Buddies

As businesses undergo digital transformation, having a robust and reliable ERP system becomes pivotal. NetSuite, as a leading Cloud-based ERP solution, presents a great opportunity to streamline business operations. ERP Buddies, a global leader in ERP implementation and training, offers comprehensive NetSuite Training to help businesses optimize their use of this powerful tool.

Why Choose ERP Buddies For Your NetSuite Training?

ERP Buddies isn’t just another training provider; we’re your partners in business success. We offer our deep expertise in ERP systems to help your organization leverage NetSuite effectively. Our globally positioned offices ensure that we’re always within your reach, making NetSuite Training accessible, practical, and tailored to your specific needs.

Understanding The NetSuite Training Structure

The NetSuite Training course at ERP Buddies is designed to cover the core essentials of NetSuite, ensuring that you and your team have a solid understanding of this powerful tool. Here’s a sneak peek into our course syllabus:

NetSuite Fundamentals

  • Navigate the System: Your journey begins by mastering the NetSuite interface. Gain a robust understanding of the system’s structure and functionalities and learn how to find exactly what you’re looking for, quickly and efficiently.
  • Roles & Permissions: Understand how to design and implement user roles and permissions that support your organization’s workflows. This segment empowers you to control access to vital information and ensure the right people have the right resources.
  • Saved Search: Become adept at creating saved searches to quickly access the data you need. Learn the art of defining search criteria and organizing your results effectively.
  • Report Builder: Unleash the power of NetSuite’s reporting tool. Learn how to build custom reports, offering the insights your business needs to stay ahead.
  • Dashboard Personalization: Equip yourself with the knowledge of tailoring your dashboard to meet your unique needs. Discover how to customize views and panels for instant access to essential data.

Accounts Payable

  • Purchasing: Get a deep understanding of the purchasing process within NetSuite, from creating purchase orders to approving vendor bills.
  • Receiving: Learn the ins and outs of receiving orders, verifying quantities, and troubleshooting discrepancies.
  • Billing: Grasp the processes involved in billing, from setting up and managing bills to handling billing schedules.
  • Vendor Payments: Understand how to make vendor payments smoothly and accurately, along with managing early payment discounts.
  • Vendor Returns and Credits: Discover the right way to handle vendor returns and issue vendor credits within NetSuite, ensuring a transparent vendor relationship.
  • AP Reporting: Gain proficiency in creating detailed AP reports to monitor your payable accounts and track your business’s financial health.

Accounts Receivables

  • Sales: Acquire the skills to manage the entire sales process, from creating sales orders to tracking sales performance.
  • Fulfillments: Learn how to handle order fulfillment, including shipping, tracking, and managing backorders.
  • Invoicing: Understand the intricacies of the invoicing process, including setting up, managing, and dispatching invoices.
  • Customer Payments: Master the customer payment process to receive payments, apply deposits, and manage overpayments.
  • Customer Returns and Credits: Learn how to efficiently manage customer returns and issue customer credits, ensuring excellent customer service.
  • AR Reporting: Equip yourself with the ability to generate detailed AR reports, providing a comprehensive overview of your receivables and customer payment trends.

Inventory Management

  • Inventory Types: Distinguish and comprehend the different inventory types in NetSuite, including serialized, lot numbered, and standard items.
  • Item Pricing and Unit of Measure (UOM): Master the setup and management of item pricing, learning how to specify different prices for various quantities, and understand how to define and use UOM for inventory items.
  • Inventory Costing Methods: Understand the various costing methods such as FIFO, LIFO, and Average Cost. Determine the best methods that align with your business operations and financial reporting needs.
  • Inventory Locations and Multiple Location Inventory (MLI): Grasp how to set up and manage different inventory locations. Learn how to enable and use MLI for more detailed tracking and control of your inventory.
  • Item Receipts: Learn the process of receiving items into inventory, including managing the receipts of goods from vendors.
  • Item Fulfillments: Gain proficiency in the item fulfillment process, understand how to pick, pack, and ship items to customers effectively.

Inventory Reporting

  • Inventory Reporting: Acquire the skills needed to generate accurate inventory reports. Learn how to use these reports for making informed inventory-related decisions and maintaining optimal stock levels.

Optional NetSuite Module Specific Training

In addition to inventory management, we offer specialized training on various NetSuite modules:

  • Lead to Quote: Understand the lead-to-quote process, learning how to effectively manage leads and convert them into sales quotes.
  • Case Management: Learn how to efficiently manage customer support cases, including creation, assignment, and resolution.
  • Marketing: Grasp the essentials of NetSuite’s marketing module, learning how to manage campaigns and track their performance.
  • Electronic Bank Payments and Reconciliation: Master how to set up electronic bank payments and reconcile bank statements within NetSuite.
  • Bank Feeds: Understand the process of setting up and managing bank feeds, making your bank reconciliation process seamless.
  • NetSuite Administration: Gain a deep understanding of administering NetSuite, including managing users, roles, and permissions.

Learning Options at ERP Buddies

To cater to diverse learning needs, we offer a variety of NetSuite Training formats:


  • Self-Paced Videos: Enjoy learning at your own pace with our pre-recorded video sessions, available for you to access at any time.
  • Live Online: Benefit from real-time interaction with expert trainers through our live online sessions.
  • Corporate Training: Take advantage of our on-site or virtual corporate training sessions tailored to meet your business’s specific learning requirements.


Learn from Real-Time Experts

Our NetSuite Training is delivered by certified professionals who bring their practical experience into the teaching process. This ensures you gain not just theoretical knowledge, but also insights into real-world application of NetSuite.


Q: What exactly is NetSuite?

A: NetSuite is a versatile enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform developed by Oracle that includes a robust financial management tool. Tailored to the specific needs of each user, it serves a variety of businesses from manufacturers to midsize firms requiring advanced functionality.

Q: How does NetSuite serve businesses?

A: Over 29,000 rapidly expanding businesses employ NetSuite’s cloud-based business management platform for its suite of tools that aid in streamlining operations, analysing financial performance, and achieving cost and efficiency savings.

Q: What is NetSuite ERP?

A: NetSuite ERP is an industry-leading integrated cloud business software suite. Acquired by Oracle in November 2016, it aids in managing customer relationship systems, inventories, finances, and e-commerce sites.

Q: What can businesses use NetSuite for?

A: NetSuite, as a fully integrated cloud-based solution, assists businesses in managing critical functions like enterprise resource planning, financials, CRM, e-commerce, and inventory, among others.

Q: How user-friendly is NetSuite?

A: Compared to many accounting programs, NetSuite is intuitive and straightforward. While platforms like SAP may require memorizing countless t-codes and navigating through complex displays, one can master the basics of NetSuite in just a few days or hours.

Q: Does NetSuite function as a CRM?

A: Absolutely. NetSuite’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software offers a cloud solution that provides a real-time, 360-degree view of the customer lifecycle— from lead generation to opportunity, sales, fulfilment, renewal, cross-sell, and support.

Q: What makes NetSuite so popular?

A: NetSuite’s versatility makes it stand out. It can replace a company’s fragmented management system by offering a unified solution, or it can be tailored to a specific business area as needed.

Q: How effective is NetSuite as an ERP system?

A: NetSuite is a comprehensive ERP solution with exceptional capabilities to automate key financial tasks, thereby enhancing business operations. It aids in managing vendors and inventories within businesses, ensuring accurate records that are translated into the General Ledger (GL).

Q: Why do companies often opt for NetSuite?

A: The adaptable nature of the NetSuite platform allows businesses to save time and cut costs across several categories. It offers a wide range of services such as production management, financial management, financial planning, along with CRM and ERP features.

With the NetSuite Training from ERP Buddies, you’ll unlock the full potential of this robust ERP system. Whether you’re an individual seeking to enhance your skills or a corporation aiming to uplift your team’s capabilities, our course is designed to deliver value, knowledge, and practical skills that translate to business success. Together, let’s transform your NetSuite experience!

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