Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Kick Start Your Career with ERP Buddies

Our organization offers opportunities that will kick off your career in the Cloud. Backed with an outstanding team of IT consultants, software developers, project managers, business development executives, HR professionals, and marketing specialists who all work together for a common goal. To create the best ERP project experience for our clients.

ERP Buddies Inc. is an Oracle NetSuite Solution Provider, specializing in cloud-based business management platforms that are fit for a wide variety of industries. We began with a simple goal, to provide our ERP solutions to clients allowing them to embrace technology and build stronger businesses. Our services span from implementation, customization, support, and training among more! Our team of software developers and consultants cater to clients across North America, Europe, and Asia to ensure that we provide the best quality service!

What is it like being a Buddy?

At ERP Buddies we want to have the most qualified individuals in all departments. We want every kind of Buddy to join our team. Our team dynamic is unmatched, with the most welcoming Buddies at your side and ready to show you the ropes. We thrive in team activities, which we always make time for, those team-building moments are very important to us! With a supportive team at your side, we ensure that you’ll be successful in your ventures and projects. It’s all about working and playing hard!

Hello Future ERP Buddies Candidate!

Whether you’re completing your studies, recently graduated, or in the middle of a career change, ERP Buddies may be the perfect fit and catalyst to kick-start your new career in IT. We welcome eager individuals that are ready to dive into the Buddy ways of developing business management tools. We strive to be leaders in developing innovative solutions and to raise the bar for various industries. In a society that is constantly evolving, new IT solutions are in demand and fundamental to the health of businesses. So, navigating this space and reaching these goals requires the best of the best.

Here are some of the reasons why you should hit Apply to that ERP Buddies job posting:

1. Work alongside an outstanding team, and create lasting relationships with your Buddies. We put a strong emphasis on team building and ensuring that communication between Buddies is always crystal clear. Communication is key, especially during our team-building games.
2. We want our Buddies to unwind and relax. With good work ethics comes the reward of taking time off and recharging. Please take your PTOs! And when the Buddies are in the office? Enjoy free drinks for a mid-day pick-me-up or play a few rounds of table tennis or you can even chill out in the Buddies corner and play some video games.

3. Our Buddies’ health is important to us. We provide a bi-monthly program called Buddies Therapy, where the sole goal is to allow our Buddies to learn more about each other through team-building exercises and games. In addition to therapy sessions, we ensure that our group benefits plan fits the need of our Buddies and their loved ones, for a lifetime of wellbeing.

We recognize that workplace ergonomics is very important. So we make sure that our Buddies are set up with a comfortable workspace. Each Buddy is equipped with standing desks and cozy chairs to decrease stress and increase comfort.

4. We strive for excellence and we want you to excel in your role. We like to support our Buddies by providing opportunities to learn more about the ERP world through conventions, lunch-in learning, and in-house training sessions. Learning is never-ending, especially in the tech industry! Continuing your education and completing certifications is encouraged!
5. At ERP Buddies we make it a point to be a united & unique team. Our community, diversity, and inclusive culture are very important to us as we work hard to cultivate an environment where all our Buddies feel confident and can be their best self. We are proud to have a team that represents our diverse society and we aim to include these different perspectives in our everyday decision-making. We actively encourage our Buddies through opportunities where they can thrive and get involved in the community through volunteering and participating in charity drives that support the less fortunate in our communities.

There is a reason why we call ourselves the Buddies, we have created a culture where everyone is encouraged to input their thoughts and opinions. We love to work and play together! (Although you’ve been warned. We get competitive during our table tennis tournaments). We offer challenging work, with meaningful development opportunities, and flexibility that’s you’ll struggle to find elsewhere. Above all, we have an enviable culture built on the charismatic, likable Buddies that we enjoy surrounding ourselves with.

Interested in our kick-starting your career with the Buddies? Inquire within at [email protected].