netsuite Audit


An audit is a review of your existing financial statements which puts forth valid information and insights which can prove invaluable in understanding and running your business.

The main purpose of an audit is to: reduce wastage of resources, collect ideas and plan for a contingency.

In rare cases, some organizations demand additional assurance relating to their internal operations.

Our Experts will turn their findings into valid information pieces and provide recommendations that can help your business reach new levels. These findings can be further tailored to be communicated to important members like shareholders, partners and investors among more for a greater impact.

ERP Buddies Inc. provides the flexibility organizations needs with a direct-to-expert access which means questions from our Clients get the highest priority at all times.

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    Take challenges head on & provide the best solutions by seeing issues through multiple view points.


    A strict procedure that keeps the clients throughout the whole process.
    implementation process

    Implementation Process

    Understand the business pipeline & create a detailed plan to asses issues & collect feedback.


    Team full of subject experts packed with years of experience in streamlining business processes.


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    Why choose ERP Buddies for your Netsuite Audit?

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      ERP Buddies is a North American Official Oracle NetSuite Solution Providers with diverse experience in implementing NetSuite ARM solution for a broad array of verticals

      With offices in the U.S, Canada, Europe and Asia, our experts are accessible globally and make it their priority to create a smooth and positive experience for clients. Our experts assist clients throughout the entire implementation process, with on-site support and consultation, along with additional assistance in customizing your system to guarantee it meets your business needs.