NetSuite ERP for Startups, Small and fast-growing Businesses

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Opting NetSuite ERP software for Startups, New or fast-growing companies is one of the best decisions an organization can undertake. Improved internal visibility, process automation, streamlined departments, and better inventory control are just some of the benefits of implementing NetSuite ERP. So, an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software system like NetSuite isn’t just handling the functional aspects of a business, but in a nutshell, it essentially interconnects all business functions across the company with its intuitive cloud-based ERP software functionality So, when businesses choose NetSuite software, they are not just incorporating the functional aspects of an industry but also the business intelligence metrics and business insight aspect as NetSuite handles the multi-legislative consolidation that a company demands. Starting off, let’s understand the need for:

Why Startups, Small and fast-growing Businesses need an ERP software like NetSuite

Currently, NetSuite ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is regarded as the best ERP. Operated by more than 20,000 + customers across 200 + countries, NetSuite ERP unarguably becomes the #1 Cloud ERP businesses opt for when they are looking for a business management solution encompassing Financial management, Accounting, Inventory Management, Product Management, e-Commerce, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply chain and more.

Oftentimes small business departments like Sales, Accounting or Marketing operate using a system that they are most comfortable with. This often leads to the use of multiple business management software, big rows of spreadsheets and inaccuracy that affects your company’s data integrity.

This usage of multiple business management systems is not a solution, but a problem in 2021. On the other hand, businesses who choose cheaper ERP alternatives like QuickBooks or Sage Intacct later run into scalability issues as these alternatives are not customizable to fit the needs of a growing company. Therefore, we then see companies finally making the switch to a complete cloud-based, fully customizable ERP which is NetSuite. This leads to unnecessary wastage of money which could’ve been avoided if they implemented NetSuite right from the start to see consistent powerful benefits.

Therefore, choosing NetSuite for startups and small business becomes a valid choice as it drives value and future-proof businesses with its unique capabilities. This ensures your higher-ups that their investment remains valid for any optimizations/customizations that may arise even 10+ years from now.


PS: Every module also contains an Advanced Module within itself that is created to cater to the advanced needs of some companies with large volumes and complex custom requirements.

Some of the advanced modules would be:

  1. Advanced Order management
  2. Advanced Procurement Warehouse management

Why use NetSuite for Startups, Small and fast-growing Businesses?

In current times as work from home becomes more prominent, the need to operate from the cloud becomes necessary. NetSuite ERP operates fully from the cloud, giving your employees access to company data anytime, anywhere, so your team can focus on actual growth rather than managing data. Due to this, companies tend to reduce their IT spending significantly as they operate entirely from NetSuite

NetSuite ERP is equipped with limitless customizable capabilities, so your company can essentially develop a system based on its needs & goals. Within NetSuite, companies can choose their modules as required. For example, if a business is looking for financial management they can opt for modules like Advanced Financials, Accounting, Advanced Revenue Management (ARM), SuiteBilling, Oracle (PBCS) Planning & Budgeting Cloud Services, Fixed Assets, Revenue recognition and more. Similarly, if a company only requires full-fledged inventory management they can opt for Procurement and Demand Planning modules or opt for NetSuite’s warehouse management system.

The bottom line is that companies can choose any module as they require. Every company can optimize their NetSuite capabilities later by adding additional modules in the future as its company continues to scale and aim for long-term growth.

Types of NetSuite Modules with unique capabilities that are available to choose from:

SuiteSuccess for Startups, Small and fast-growing Businesses

Sometimes small business owners don’t want to spend too much time deciding which modules to include rather they want a system that can quickly get running. For such companies, ERP buddies offer NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess implementation.

A NetSuite SuiteSuccess implementation is fairly easy as it uses pre-set reports, work roles, KPI’s and dashboards based on the most common industry functionalities. The main goal of this implementation is to provide a go-live within 100 days. ERP Buddies experts will carefully analyze your business operations and requirement and suggest if a SuiteSuccess implementation is recommended or not.

E-commerce software solution with NetSuite for Startups, Small and fast-growing Businesses

As mentioned before, NetSuite software is an all-in-one business management software choice for Startups. One of its modules includes complete management of your E-commerce from NetSuite. NetSuite offers 3 solutions for E-commerce management. As a side note please note that these solutions are not sold individually but have to be opted along with NetSuite ERP as a complete solution. Another benefit of NetSuite E-commerce is that it can be easily integrated with your NetSuite ERP and CRM.

What is SuiteCommerce Builder?

SuiteBuilder is one of NetSuite’s oldest E-commerce products that was developed over 10 years ago. Today, SuiteBuilder is available for licensing, however, it is not recommended to implement it due to its limited functionality.

What is SuiteCommerce Standard?

SuiteCommerce Standard was developed to replace NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce Builder. SuiteCommerce Standard utilizes a template-based approach to make it easy for the end-user to make adjustments in their
E-commerce. If your company has a simple product inventory with manageable inventory levels that aren’t too complex along with an easy checkout process, the SuiteCommerce Standard Solution is probably the way to go.

What is SuiteCommerce Advanced?

SuiteCommerce Advanced is NetSuite’s E-commerce solution for businesses operating in multi-channels like in-store shopping, E-commerce etc. The SuiteCommerce Advanced solution can easily operate with multiple brands, establish matrix items, in multi-language and currency from a single platform itself! Companies can even customize their shopping and checkout experience with SuiteCommerce Advanced.

ERP Buddies always recommends the SuiteCommerce Standard edition for startups and small businesses as it allows for an easy template-based approach and fits the needs of almost every company. To get a complete view, we encourage you to talk to our experts who can explain which edition can best fit your needs and overcome your business challenges.

How can Startups, Small and fast-growing Businesses save money on NetSuite licensing?

It is obvious that your business transformation will be exponential over the years and you wouldn’t be able to operate in the same way as today. And as NetSuite is a highly scalable ERP system, it can easily encompass your future needs with some NetSuite optimizations/customizations.

Business owners can save money by opting for a multi-year NetSuite licensing contract. This contract is beneficial as it locks the licensing costs for the entire term that is signed for.

How much does NetSuite cost for Startups, Small and fast-growing Businesses?

NetSuite’s limited edition can be opted for by small businesses if they want to implement NetSuite. This NetSuite edition can be upgraded to the next tier as the company scales. The NetSuite pricing for a company will depend on company size and requirement. ERP Buddies can provide price comparisons to help you make a better decision.

So, why would Startups, Small and fast-growing Businesses consider NetSuite ERP software? Read below!

The current management system won’t expand

If your startup, small and fast-growing business is having rapid growth but you do not have a clear image of which department needs expansion, then it’s a vital sign that your business needs NetSuite ERP. Business owners must know where the profits are coming from so the processes can be mended in a way to churn more profits. With NetSuite ERP, this becomes a possibility as it can be customized to fit your expansion needs and business goals.

Little to no control on current business processes

If your business still operates on manual processes in 2020, you automatically become prone to inaccuracies, duplicate data and so on… A single solution like NetSuite will ensure that your data integrity remains at an all-time high and acts as a business accelerator.

Reporting on key business process with reports/analytics is time-consuming

When you operate on old systems with manual processes, you do not get a full view of your company, leading to a lack of visibility and accountability which affect decision-making. With NetSuite ERP’s intelligent real-time business reporting and analytics software, you get access to up-to-date reporting functions that will help increase visibility into areas of improvement. Users can also create custom reports with specific data.

NetSuite is well-recognized for showcasing real-time visibility into your business operations that can provide a wide range of data that can help to achieve multiple business benefits. When such real-time insights are readily available, businesses can then cater to the rising growth opportunities that can be seen in the market.

Stay on top of business demand & Business Community

As your business grows, you’ll find yourself in between increased customer orders, billing, distribution and more… In order to keep up with this demand, you need an intelligent system like NetSuite which can forecast customer demand and help save money on Inventory / Distribution.

Eliminate IT maintenance costs

Using multiple management system software leads to an increase in IT maintenance and upkeep costs. Our NetSuite Support program offers 24/7 case resolution with on-site / on-call assistance anytime, anywhere. So, you can focus on matters that help close deals and improve business functions.

ERP Buddies, your NetSuite Implementation partner for Startups, Small and fast-growing Businesses

Your competitor is probably among the vast number of businesses that have already implemented NetSuite to meet their business requirements with additional features. Being a NetSuite Implementation partner, we assure our customers and their NetSuite users that you would be at the centre of all things irrespective of your business type.

Our 24/7 Onsite & On-call service ensures your business is up & running at full efficiency all the time. We have helped countless businesses, from SOHO, and midsized businesses to moderate and big-name Enterprises harness their true potential with the Implementation of NetSuite ERP. No matter how complex your business processes look, the business size or the amount of manpower/users you have, the ERP Buddies NetSuite Software experts team will provide a meticulous NetSuite Implementation Solution that will effectively improve your efficiency by ten folds!

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