NetSuite OneWorld

NetSuite OneWorld is the #1 Business Accounting Software which offers a comprehensive financial suite to help organizations solve complex business needs across multiple nations & currencies. It remains at the top position for being one of top selling product within NetSuite’s unique product list as its features far outweigh its competitors. OneWorld provides functionalities like taxation compliance reporting, currency adjustments and payroll etc. Owing to these, employees can now focus on matters that are much more vital whilst improving productivity. OneWorld’s SRP feature allows users to track everything from delivery to billing making it a top-ranking software for best customer satisfaction.

OneWorld also happens to provide customization capabilities after the implementation phase which makes it a great choice for entrepreneurs looking to drive growth.

Be it any kind of industry or business, NetSuite OneWorld platform is catered to deliver best results and ERP Buddies will be present at every step to ensure its highest success.

NetSuite OneWorld


Give your leaders ability to track performances across all departments. NetSuite comes with various user friendly dashboards that display information in real time. With NetSuite your leaders can organize and supervise departments with just a click.
Since NetSuite offers tremendous customization capabilities, Our inhouse Experts can modify your dashboard to provide data your company demands!

Handling company information with big hardware’s that sit alongside your main system have now become history. Your company can actually save time by moving over to a cloud ERP software like NetSuite. Since NetSuite runs on auto updates, your company eliminates high IT maintenance costs & always runs on the latest update.

This modern technology unifies all your business processes into one. From handling payroll, order fulfillment to tracking shipment among more, NetSuite ERP is capable of overseeing every business function. Preserve your data integrity with OneWorld which eliminates use of multiple softwares, ultimately helping companies save time & money.

NetSuite OneWorld allows users to log into their accounts to get access to files & data from anywhere in the world! Be it on a family vacation or an urgent on-site meeting, your files travel with you on your smartphone, tablet or laptop all the time!

We understands that some brands need to communicate with customers across the globe. Therefore, NetSuite OneWorld comes equipped with 19 different languages to cater to your audiences.
No matter which territory or country you have to deal with, NetSuite OneWorld will always have your back.

  • A company which deals with multiple markets across the globe tends to handle transactions in multiple currencies as well. For your ease, NetSuite OneWorld comes equipped with real time currency conversions for almost 200 currencies from across the world!
  • Give your vendors, customers or even employees the freedom to conduct transactions with the currency they are comfortable with.
  • OneWorld is capable of helping brands with their country specific accounting needs. OneWorld is able to develop an audit experience which will ease your Financial department’s load. From capturing record logs to handling crucial transaction details, OneWorld will become the system your companies relies on from day one!
  • Since every department operates separately, you can customize your OneWorld experience as per the requirements and business demands.

OneWorld boasts of a tax engine that is completely customizable after implementation. With OneWorld your company gets pre configurations across 50 different countries. On the other hand, your company also gets the ability to calculate taxes from purchase transactions or cross border sales in real time.

  • NetSuite OneWorld is a modern technology that can encompass various legal compliances, consolidation tools and more for a streamlined experience. Being the number one most used ERP software in the market means this software has been awarded numerous times for its innate ability to unify business processes.
  • With NetSuite ERP you can also include functionalities like CRM & PSA to boost your sales and marketing departments. Similarly more functions can be added to ensure each departments works efficiently to meet goals.

ERP Buddies is an Official Oracle | NetSuite Solutions provider and we have been know to complete implementation projects within a stated time frame & budget. Our Expertise spans across the entire NetSuite functionalities and we strive hard to provide the best service.

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