Choosing the best enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for your company is significant! Getting rid of disparate systems and streamlining your operational business processes makes a poignant difference between success and failure. Cloud-based enterprise resource planning ERP software is one of the most comprehensive solution providers for all SML business back-end problems.

ERP system adds value to all enterprise-based systems, monitoring, operating, and providing a 360-degree, holistic view of the business for better and improved decision-making. NetSuite ERP implementation in your system results in business efficiency, eradicating overlapping, repetitive tasks and establishing a centralized database that synchronizes all the business departments for interdepartmental data assignments, resulting in efficient utilization of resources.

NetSuite ERP Software Vs. SAP

NetSuite and SAP are among the leading ERP solution providers that provide a 360-degree holistic evaluation of your system. SAP and NetSuite-ERP software- designed to automate business processes such as inventory management, financials, and even customer relationship management (CRM). They are similar in many ways, but there are a few critical differences that prospective users should be aware of. In general, SAP has some technological catching up to do. While both NetSuite and SAP now provide cloud-based ERP software, SAP’s cloud software capabilities are only about nine years old, whereas NetSuite has been a leading cloud ERP system for over two decades.

NetSuite vs. SAP Products Overview

NetSuite has 12 products, whereas SAP comprises of 6 products, further categorized into different categories. NetSuite has ERP, Accounting software, global business management, CRM, human capital management-HR & payroll, professional services automation, omnichannel commerce, email marketing, analytics, experience, SuiteSuccess, and a platform. In contrast, SAP has ERP & finance, supply chain management, CRM & customer experience, HR and people engagement, and Network and Spend Management.

NetSuite vs. SAP

NetSuite works on ERP systems, while SAP has its HANA system, which also serves as an ERP platform. While NetSuite’s ERP enables its clients to handle production, procurement, supply chain, order management, warehouse, and fulfillment, SAP provides treasury management and cyber security. However, each software offers financial management and planning, governance, risk, compliance, revenue recognition, and management.

ERP Modules

ERP system modules cover provide unique and tailored solutions to multiple business genres, including:


This module streamlines product design and development by streamlining production processes and automating material management and day-to-day operations, lowering manufacturing costs and enhancing the efficiency of your manufacturing cycle. NetSuite provides procurement management, production planning, and direct manufacturing processes on a single platform. SAP provides manufacturing solutions empowering businesses to integrate and embed intelligence in manufacturing processes with single-sourced real-time information.

Supply Chain

By organizing and optimizing inventory management, purchasing and procurement, in-process manufacturing, and circulation for a smooth supply cycle, users may better economize the end-to-end supply cycle and use real-time analytics to increase visibility and forecasting. NetSuite enables businesses to monitor supplies for production and customers for smooth functioning and optimally locating the resources. SAP’s SCM Module is designed for the supply chain specifically for warehouse, transportation, planning, and optimization.

Project Management

This ERP system provides an optimal method for tracking individual projects, managing invoicing, and storing client and project information, boosting the visibility of the company’s timetables, budgets, and operations. NetSuite enables you to manage business projects by tracking and reporting its integrated projects. SAP’s EPPM Portfolio and project management is designed to handle the planning and execution of the project.

Financial Management(

This module enables firms to unify accounting processes across departments and develop a centralized system for cash flow monitoring, including general ledger, asset management, accounts payable, and receivables. NetSuite integrates inventory, CRM, order management, and eCommerce functions to streamline business processes enabling everyone to work on a single database. SAP FI Module is used for financial accounting to maintain ledgers, attain balance sheets, and profit and loss statements.


Customer Relationship Management CRM enables all business interactions with clients. NetSuite’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a cloud solution that provides a real-time, comprehensive picture of the customer throughout the customer lifecycle—lead generation through opportunity, sales, fulfillment, renewal, cross-sell, and support. SAP also provides a cloud-based CRM system for its clients for sales automation, real-time data, and client management.

Warehouse & Fulfillment

With hundreds or even thousands of SKUs to handle, warehouse management can quickly become manual, chaotic, and inefficient if you rely on spreadsheets — or worse, pen and paper. NetSuite Warehouse Management System (WMS) optimizes day-to-day warehouse operations using industry-leading practices, such as mobile RF barcode scanning and task management. You can manage large-volume warehouse operations and combine complicated supply chain logistics with your warehouse and distribution processes using the SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) solution, providing high levels of visibility and control.


Maintaining payroll, tracking, working hours, calculations, and payments is essential for the smooth functioning of the business. SuitePeople Payroll from NetSuite is a full-service payroll solution for employees that automates payroll procedures such as calculating gross-to-net wages, withholding necessary taxes, deducting benefits, and scheduling and issuing payments. Similarly, SAP’s payroll software is AP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll. The program combines worldwide payroll management and administration on a single platform for more precise and consistent processing.


Ecommerce management handles an eCommerce store’s finances, inventory, pricing, payments, clients, taxes, billing, suppliers, and back-office activities. Suitecommerce, NetSuite’s eCommerce development platform, handles all the processes for the smooth working of a business. The SAP Commerce Cloud solution delivers an e-commerce platform that assists in scaling up innovation and using enterprise-wide data to increase earnings and customer satisfaction.

Subsidiary Management

Within corporations, each subsidiary represents a different firm. Subsidiaries can be both domestic and foreign. NetSuite subsidiary record enables you to establish an account to handle the subsidiary companies in foreign lands. SAP S/4HANA Cloud maintains the subsidiary data in SAP systems.

HR Management

Human Resource Management System NetSuite SuitePeople (HRMS) SuitePeople integrates HR and payroll data with finance, project planning, budgeting, and procurement processes, removing the need for several systems. Similarly, SAP delivers an HRIS system that not only automates HR activities in your firm but also provides experiences that help to create a more engaged and productive staff. SAP’s HRIS focuses on employee experience management, essential HR and payroll, talent management, and HR analytics.

Multiple currencies & language

NetSuite Multi-currency lets you assign various currencies to a customer or vendor, allowing you to do business with clients and vendors who utilize multiple currencies in their operations. This functionality will enable you to enter transactions for a single customer or vendor in several currencies. In the same way, SAP supports many currencies and languages. In FI, currency values are defined mainly by the business code currency.

Professional Services Automation

NetSuite clients can automate even more of the AP process with AP Automation, speeding up payments, enhancing vendor relations, and boosting the volume of processed invoices. As AI and ML process more data and the process become more accurate, the automation process should improve. Professional Services is an SAP industry solution module accessible only in S/4HANA Cloud Essentials. It is aimed at businesses that provide services such as consulting and outsourcing. It primarily includes project management capabilities.


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